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Floor Buffing

Our floor grinding and polishing services are useful for various types of flooring. Knowing the type of floor and how to care for it ensures that it stays beautiful for a long time. For your particular type of floor, it is important to know the correct polishing and/or polishing procedure to ensure that your floors always look their best.

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Floor Buffing Solution

Professional buffing or floor polishing requires the right tools and selection of pads. The tools used will determine how the task will turn out. In order to get the job done right, Epoxy Flooring Worcester uses all the most advanced, market-leading technologies. Grinding or polishing requires different rotary machines with different speeds of rotation per minute (RPM). While some move fast and cause a lot of friction, others move slower because they are made for something else. To maintain the caliber of your floors, special attention must be paid to the equipment and the substrate it is running on.

Floor Buffing Solution

We fix problems with grout, tiles, and natural stone. You can rely on Epoxy Flooring Worcester to deliver results, whether polishing tile floors, giving matte marble floors new life, reducing the stickiness that makes your floors uneven, thoroughly cleaning and sealing tiles and grout, or improving the color of travertine. Your marble floors, showers, and countertops can be polished. We can also clean and seal your marble. Tiled and grouted floors? To keep your floors looking new, we can thoroughly clean and repair grout lines. With our tile floor polishing service, we can even change the color of the grout.

Buffing polyurethane finish

The best-kept secret in wood finishing is wood polishing. In addition to protecting furniture from daily wear and tear, polyurethane gives hardwood furniture a dramatic look and complements your home’s décor. The polyurethane coating is durable. Polyurethane paint or polished polyurethane furniture will last over 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

For the best polyurethane polishing service, contact Epoxy Flooring Worcester. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation on polishing and polishing Worcester PU epoxy floors, and we’ll do our best to meet all your requirements.

Flooring Installation Services in Worcester and nearby towns.

The first step in our concrete floor polishing service is to spray an environmentally friendly foam-like cleaner onto the concrete surface. After covering the entire area, grease and dirt break down, allowing the surface to settle a little. Finally, professional concrete surface cleaning is carried out with the help of high-pressure equipment and a first-class degreaser.

The finished product of our concrete cleaning service is a spotlessly clean, dirt-free space that can now be painted or floored to suit your needs.

Concrete sanding may be the best solution in situations of years of discoloration. A qualified specialist will contact you and offer a solution to your problem if you attach images to the request form.


A mild pH-neutral soap works best on polyurethane floors. For example, all you have to do is add a capful of Murphy's oil soap or dish soap to a gallon of water. Alternatively, you can use a soap specifically made for polyurethane floors.

A brass washcloth can be used to buff out small dents or scratches in floor polish by hand, provided the damage is even and no longer visible. Apply parquet wax to the area and refinish it with a terry towel.

  • To get rid of surface debris and dust, sweep the floor surface with a dry mop.
  • Get a thorough cleaner suitable for your wood finish.
  • Apply a small amount of cleaner to the floor as directed on the package.