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Epoxy Flooring Requirements

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To adhere correctly, an epoxy coating requires a clean, slightly porous surface. Epoxy may not adhere to polished or sealed concrete. The concrete must also be completely dry. Before applying epoxy floor flooring, make sure all large cracks and chips in the concrete are repaired and all grease is removed.

Make sure the temperature is appropriate before applying an epoxy coating, and follow all manufacturer’s instructions. Temperatures below freezing might cause the epoxy to take longer on curing. Epoxy is a two-part liquid that must be mixed before use. Once the epoxy coating is prepared, you only have a short time to apply it before it hardens.

Installation Tip for Epoxy Flooring

Prepare your floor!

You must first prepare the room’s surface before applying epoxy floor finish. Diamond grinding and sanding are two procedures that can be used to accomplish this. You may polish concrete floors with a floor grinder. Chemical cleaning may be required to remove stains from surfaces that have been polluted with any type of liquid.

Installation Tip for Epoxy Flooring

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  • Durable and simple to maintain
  • Warehouses and industrial applications benefit from this product.
  • Water and oil stains resistant
  • Creates a long-lasting, seamless surface.
  • To cover up chips and cracks, mix it with paints and colors.

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